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La villa


Château Coussergues, a former royal manor has been in the Sarret de Coussergues family for thirteen generations (since 1495). The domaine lies about 10 kilometers east of Béziers at Montblanc-en-Languedoc in the foothills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Initially a Roman villa on the "Domitienne Way", this former Royal Barony has been ceded in 1495, King Charles VIII of France, granted the Barony of Coussergues to Pierre Raymond de Sarret for services rendered during the wars with Italy. Since then the family Sarret have concentrated their efforts on improvements to the estate by planting vines, olive groves and woods.

Our wines are IGP Vins de Pays d'Oc, and  AOP Coteaux du Languedoc. This big family estate has a large grapes variety, grown with dedication.

The 120 hectares of vineyards has a clay limestone soil and a Mediterranean climate, that produce fruty and structured wines

The vineyard

The estate represents 600 hectares, 120 of vineyard , 3 of Olive trees, 200 of fields and cereals and 280 of forest (Eucalyptus, pine, oak, and Atlas cedar)

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